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Founded in 2011, we have a long track record of success and stability.

Edge Home Finance is the largest broker in our home state and one of largest and fastest growing brokers in the nation, on pace to fund over 1 Billion in loan volume in 2020.

We pay extremely high commission splits to our quality, self-sustaining and self-generating Mortgage Loan Originators.  Many of our MLO’s have received a variety of Top Mortgage Professional awards.

Why join Edge:

  • High commission split with no padding on wholesale rates and discounted pricing form our top lenders
  • Great wholesale pricing with Key Account status from UWM and other leading lenders
  • Ability to build teams and receive long term residual income
  • No origination or lender fees to our clients
  • Fast turn times, our average file is clear to close in 15 calendar days or less
  • Multi State Licensing
  • Complete on boarding training, online and in person including paid hotel and air fare for Success Track Training
  • Inside support forums to get your questions answered
  • Weekly webinars on various sales and training topics
  • 401K, Medical, Bi Weekly Direct Deposit

Who works well in this model:

  • Seasoned professionals who already have referral sources established (we do not train new brokers)
  • MLO’s switching from small brokers who do not receive volume discounts or Key Account perks, volume always wins
  • MLO’s switching from retail and correspondent who no longer enjoy losing deals to brokers (no fees at Edge, substantially lower pricing)
  • MLO’s switching from retail and correspondent who realize that since they self-generate their own business, they deserve the highest splits in the industry
  • MLO’s who no longer wish to attend training sessions from Regional and Branch Managers who try to convince them that rates don’t matter, and service is all that counts (even though the underwriting turn times are often 5 times longer what brokers have)
  • MLO’s who now realize that “brokers don’t have control over the file” is a lie.  How about a 3 day submit to clear to close for control?

Marketing and Tools:

  • Personal Websites, 3 different options for online applications
  • Mobile App that allows the client and realtor to generate their own preapproval letter
  • Brand 360 – full marketing and client relationship experience.
  • Brand Builder – create completely customizable marketing materials.
  • Client Connect – completely automate your borrower communications
  • Edge Connect – on demand support community
  • Marketing Calendar- schedule social media posts up to 30 days in advance
  • Automated Surveys to all closed clients
  • Discounted Continuing Education
  • Client Loyalty Manager
  • Much More

Products and Programs

  • Run DU and LP with one click, pick the one that’s best for your loan
  • Elite and Discounted Mortgage Insurance
  • All Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, USDA, Reverse and HELOC’s on the market
  • Nationwide HELOC
  • Many outlets for Niche and Non-QM Programs
  • Competitive Jumbo


All commissioned based processors who are just as motivated to get a clear to close as you are.  Processors call the clients, clear all conditions and get the deal done ahead of schedule.

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