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Glenn Thomas Senior Mortgage Advisor, in Sacramento, Ca. My mission is to educate homeowners about the home buying and selling process. I have been a loan officer for 16 years specializing in FHA, VA, Conventional Reverse Mortgages for Purchase and Refinance needs. I’m also an educator, though my corporate training company I assist companies with conducting training for their staff to stay current with the changing market places. Within the company I offer an approve CE courses for Realtors, Financial Planners and Lawyers on the HECM program. In addition, I’m a license Real Estate Agent with Dean Adams Residential Brokerage, part of the Thomas and Company Realty Group.

I’m the father of two sons and grandfather of 2 beautiful grandchildren, I understand the inner fabric of a family and the importance of community. My background in the loan industry has been distilled over years of experience and positions, fortifying an arsenal of knowledge, resources and home loan advice. Using education and not sales, my clients are able to make a well informed and empowered decision as to mortgage is the right financial tool for their needs. The best service I can offer my clients is to listen to their wants and needs. This allows us to better understand them and help customize a plan to help achieve their goals. Glenn Thomas, Your passport to the home of your dreams!

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