Shannon has been in the financial services industry for over 16 years with the last 12 in lending. Growing restless in her role as a Branch Manager at a “big corporate company”, she decided to think outside the box and moved into her current role as Mortgage Broker.  Shannon is not your typical lender. Although she has years of experience with dozens of loan types, that’s not what drives her. While she can talk about loans and numbers all day (and she is quite good at it), her true passion is turning clients into friends. Helping new friends achieve their goals of becoming homeowners, refinancing their current mortgages to achieve their financial needs, and remaining lively during the process, is what drives her each day. With a sense of humor and a propensity for sarcasm and a quick wit, Shannon can maintain a level of professionalism and fun that puts her clients at ease. Spending time going over the particulars that other lenders leave out is extremely important to Shannon. Having honest conversations with people goes a long way to gain her clients’ trust. This is how she builds rapport, and ultimately builds friendships with her clients.


In her free time, Shannon enjoys different cuisines, wine, shopping, biking, crafts, travel, and true crime shows. She has an awesome husband and is a mom to an amazing 11-year-old daughter and a charming 15-year-old bonus son. Time with her silly family is what she cherishes most.

Giving Shannon the opportunity to help you with your lending needs will not only be a pleasurable experience, but one you won’t soon forget.


You can find Shannon at shannonreeder.com.

Please don’t hesitate to contact her for any of your home financing needs!

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