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Setzer, a force of empowerment and financial enlightenment whose journey from the streets of impoverished Baltimore to the halls of esteemed institutions like the University of Baltimore, Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University), and Coppin University is nothing short of inspiring. With over 40 years of community dedication, championing causes with organizations like NAACP, NHS, and BUL, Deizshel has been a beacon of hope in the face of adversity.

In the financial realm, her expertise shines brightly, with over three decades of experience as Director of Financial Aid at Strayer University, Regional Director at Allstate, and Service Manager at Verizon. In 2003, she revolutionized the landscape, pioneering mortgage financing for both residential and commercial ventures, while also spearheading initiatives for business and personal credit enhancements, and promoting financial literacy.

She unleashes the power of residential, commercial and investment mortgage funding.