With so many choices available, it’s easy to think all lenders are alike. We are different! Here’s how;

1. LOW rates! I have never been beat on any mortgage!
2. Low fee’s. Compare our fee’s at the same rate offered elsewhere.
3. Personal service. Whether it is Friday night at 8PM, or Saturday at 8 PM. I answer. I am the only contact person!

In short, you get a lower rate, lower fee’s, and a lower monthly payment. Why pay more for a higher rate?

Email me at jfeehan@edgehomefinance.com , or call me now at 612-819-4101.

Open every day from 7AM-9PM.

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For some, the first call may be about getting a roadmap to follow, so you can purchase a home in the future. For others a move is imminent, and they need a professional to make sure that they are getting the best deal on a mortgage. For those who are denied a loan, I close what others cannot. These are the people who tend to friend me on Facebook, and it is a privilege and warm feeling I get when I tell them to get packing!

I can take care of nearly every aspect in the loan process for you!

Thank you very much for visiting my page I hope to speak soon. Sincerely, John D. Feehan.